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Cadets of the Jewish Faith

For religious and / or spiritual consideration, cadets of the Jewish faith are authorized, when not wearing military headdress, to wear Canadian average green, or a navy blue (black) kippot with Training Orders of Dress, and to wear an authorized plain, unpatterned, unadorned, cloth kippot in accordance with elemental headdress materials and colours (white for sea cadets, green for army cadets, blue for air cadets, and green for JCRs) with Ceremonial and Mess Orders of Dress. Civilian kippot are not authorized for use while in uniform.


The colour of kippot upon removal of headdress shall be:

  1. sea cadets – white when sailor’s caps are worn, or navy blue (black) when berets are worn;

  2. army cadets – dark green / rifle green in Ceremonial / Mess Dress;

  3. air cadets – RCAF blue in Ceremonial / Mess Dress;

  4. JCRs – dark green / rifle green;

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