Your uniform

In the cadet program, you are required to wear multiple uniforms. As you progress in the program, your the way your uniform looks will change. You will be required to maintain every part of your uniform (i.e. ironing shirts and pants, sewing on badges, keeping your whites clean, and polishing your boots). You do not have to pay for any parts to your uniform. Once you are sworn in, it will be issued to you. If you ever forget what a specific type of uniform looks like, here are detailed explanations of each one!

C4 - Training Dress

Sea Training Uniform (STU)

Our Sea Training Uniform (STU) is what we wear most of the time. This order of dress is meant for training purposes. Any time we are completing classroom training, nautical training, seamanship training, or drill we wear our STUs.

This is what the uniform consists of:

· Issued ball cap; or 

· wide brimmed tan summer hat (CSTC only). 

· Blue STU shirt. 

· Black t-shirt. 

· Rank slip-ons. 

· Black trousers and belt. 

· Grey socks. 

· Boots

When we wear it:


  • Routine training dress for day to day nautical / seamanship type training. 

  • Other occasions as ordered. 


Although it may be authorized for travel to and from place of training with essential stopovers, this dress does not replace C1 and C3 orders of dress for use at ceremonial, drill, parade, or public engagements. 

You will be issued a nametape and/or a nametag which goes on the right side of your chest. You do not wear medals, ribbons, webbing, or gators with this dress at all. If authorized, you are permitted to wear your Boatswains chain or your Coxswain's chain.

C1 - Ceremonial Dress

The Ceremonial Dress or C1 is worn during the following occasions:


  • Formal services or parades 

  • Guards of Honour 

  • Church services or parades 

  • Funerals 

  • CDs (Ceremony of Divisions) on the LAST Wednesday of every month

  • Other occasions as ordered 

Parts of the dress include:

  • Seamans Cap with our corps cap tally

  • White gunshirt

  • Black tunic with appropriate badges sewn on

  • Black pants

  • Grey socks

  • Black parade boots

The photos underneath are examples of our cadets in the C1 dress. You'll notice that our senior cadets are also wearing a few more parts which are authorized for them to wear. These include:

  • Medals and ribbons

  • Web belt and gators

  • The Coxswain's chain and the Boatswain's Chain which can replace the lanyard

  • Cutlass

C3A - Service Dress

When you wear this uniform, you'll wear the same parts as your C1 dress, without the black tunic. On your left shoulder you have your white rank badge. This form of dress is meant only for the summer.

Here are a few occasions in the summer where you'd wear C3As:

  • Routine training dress for day to day. 

  • Divisions, parades, and inspections, when appropriate. 

  • When travelling to and from cadet training facilities. 

  • Other occasions as ordered. 

You are allowed to wear your web belt and gators with this dress if authorized to do so. However, no chains, medals, ribbons, or any other accoutrements are permitted to be worn with this dress.