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Dress Standards

In the cadet program, there are standards that we expect the cadets to adhere to as they progress through the program. We aim to push and challenge our cadets to maintain their uniforms on a weekly basis to ensure that they maintain a professional appearance at all times. Cadets will learn how to iron their uniforms, sew on badges, polish their boots, and how to take care of the various parts to their uniforms. Click the various tabs to read about the standards that we have in the cadet program and the various uniforms the sea cadets will wear! Below is also a PDF of our national cadet dress instructions for you to read through.

The principles of the Dress Standards are as follows:

  1. Safety. All members of the CCO are responsible to ensure that the safety of personnel is not compromised.
  2. Inclusion. The practice of providing equal access to opportunities and resources, where all members have a sense of belonging and are encouraged to be their authentic selves. Leaders are to treat all personnel under their care with dignity and respect. In some cases, additional accommodations may be needed. Specific accommodations in respect of this policy are regulated under DAOD 5516-3, Religious or Spiritual Accommodation.

  3. Societal Norms. The CCO is a microcosm of Canadian society. As much as is possible, policies applying to CCO members, including standards of dress, should reflect the changing norms in Canadian society. This will welcome a more diverse group of CCO members, which will benefit the CCO as diversity is a known force multiplier.

Cadet Dress Regulations

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