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Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class K. Thao

The cadet program is a great opportunity to broaden your knowledge and make new friends. More specifically, the sea cadet program can teach you how to sail, tie knots, repair boats, attend deployments in British Columbia, and you can even obtain your boating and radio license. 


Over the past 5 years I’ve participated in many workshops and activities within the program to help me gain knowledge that can be applied in the civilian world - like leadership and teamwork. I have participated in competition teams, like seamanship, drill with arms, and first aid. I’ve even made a ton of friends from all over Ontario, and I’m always so excited to see them again during our summer training or weekend activities. 


The sea cadet program is a place for once in a lifetime opportunities. I highly recommend everyone thinking about joining, to give it a shot.



K. Thao

Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class


RC(Sea)CC Haida