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Who can join?

Any youth between the age of 12 - 19 is eligible to join this program.

How much do we have to pay?

There is no cost for your child to join this program! The Cadet Program is funded by the Department of National Defence in partnership with our civilian sponsors, the Navy League, Army Cadet League and Air Cadet League of Canada. League members support Cadets by working in partnership with local communities and the Canadian Armed Forces.

All the parts of your uniform will be issued to you, and you'll be expected to take care of all of it. There is no cost for the uniform or for the supplies you'll be using, all of it will be provided for you.

How do I join this program?

In order to join the program, you'll need to fill out a few forms at our building or click here to get a digital copy to fill out! When you do come, please bring in a copy of your birth certificate or your health card, and passport.

Why should I join this program?

Well I'll tell you why! This program gives you the opportunity to be a part of something very different. The program pushes you to come together with people from all over Ontario and Canada and be a part of something that you will always remember for years to come. A sense of pride is instilled into the cadets as they overcome the many challenges and obstacles they'll face. You'll develop yourself into a leader of the future and are offered opportunities that no other program will offer you

You'll get the chance to travel Canada, and sometimes the world. You'll get to go sailing, learn seamanship, perform in a variety of large performances, be a part of drill and ceremonial parades, compete in local, provincial, and national competitions, and so much more!


We embrace diversity and instill essential values such as professionalism, loyalty, mutual respect, integrity, teamwork, and so on. We promise that by the end of your cadet career, you will have many amazing memories and friends that will last a lifetime. The cadet program is physically challenging and mentally stimulating. You will learn and grow so much in your life through the program that you won't want to ever leave. So come on out and join us! 

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