Male hair shall be taper-trimmed at the back, sides, and above the ears to blend with the hair-style. Your hair on the top of your head can be no more than 15 cm (6 in.) in length and sufficiently short that, when the hair is groomed and headdress is removed, no hair shall touch the ears or fall below the top of the eyebrows.


Hair shall be no more than 4 cm (1-1/2 in.) in bulk at the top of the head, gradually decreasing to blend with the taper-trimmed sides and back; and be kept free from the neck to a distance of 2.5 cm (1 in.) above the shirt collar. Taper-trimmed square back styles and shaving of all the hair on the head are permitted. 

Male Hair Standards

Beards & Moustaches

The Commanding Officer may authorize wearing of a beard or moustache. If a request is granted, the cadet will be given four weeks to grow a beard and moustache or moustache only, after which, if it is not grown in, he will be required to shave it off. 


Beards: Where beards are authorized, they shall be grown with a moustache; kept neatly trimmed, especially on the lower neck and cheekbones; and not exceed 2.5 cm (1 in.) in length.

Moustaches: When moustaches are grown alone, the unshaven portion of the face shall not extend outwards beyond the corners of the mouth. Moustaches shall be kept neatly trimmed; not be greater than 2 cm (3/4 in.) in length; not extend below the corners of the mouth.  

Female Hair

For female cadets, hair shall not extend below the lower edge of the service jacket collar. Exaggerated styles, including those with excessive fullness or extreme height, are not authorized.

Braids, if worn, shall be styled conservatively and tied tightly secured at the end by a knot or a small unadorned fastener. A second small unadorned fastener may be used to secure the top of the braid. A single braid shall be worn in the centre of the back. Double braids shall be worn behind the shoulders. Hair shall extend to its maximum length when gathered behind the head and braided and will not extend below the top of the armpit.

Multiple braids (cornrows) shall be directed toward the back of the head, pulled tight to the head and secured at the end by a knot or a small-unadorned fastener. A second small unadorned fastener may be used to secure the top of the braid. Multiple braids extending below the lower edge of the collar are to be gathered in a bun.


With the permission of a CO, a reasonable period may be authorized in order to transition from short to long hairstyles, during which time hair may extend below the lower edge of the service jacket collar all the while maintaining a positive appearance, and subject to the cadet’s safety. 

Make-up and Jewellery

Make-up: Cadets are authorized to wear a minimal amount of make-up. When in uniform, make-up may be applied but only in a conservative fashion. This excludes the use of false eyelashes, heavy eyeliner, brightly coloured eye shadow or lipstick, coloured nail polish, and excessive facial make-up. 

Jewellery. The only jewellery that may be worn in uniform shall be a wristwatch, a medical alert bracelet and a maximum of two rings which are not of a costume jewellery nature. During training, safety regulations shall always prevail.


In addition, cadets in uniform may wear a single pair of plain gold, silver stud, diamond, or pearl earrings in pierced ears. Above earrings, if worn, shall be in the centre of each earlobe, shall be spherical in shape and shall not exceed 0.6 cm (1/4 in.) in diameter. No other type of earring shall be worn, except for a gold or silver stud healing device of similar shape and size, which may be worn while ears are healing after piercing. Only a single earring or healing device, worn in the centre of each earlobe, may be worn at a time. When wearing civilian clothes only one pair of unobtrusive earrings may be worn.