Below is a welcome letter that informs you of all the additional documents required to sign your child up for the program. Please read through everything to ensure you have all the proper documentation. Once you've filled out the registration form completely and have photocopies of everything please visit us on a Wednesday evening between 6:30-9:00pm so that we can register your child. If your child is staying the same night they register, please ensure they're wearing a white dress shirt/blouse, black pants, and black shoes. This will be what they wear until they are sworn in and issued their uniform!


As of right now, we will not be at our cadet building on Wednesday evenings as we usually are. We will be providing more update as the weeks go by as to how our training year will operate this year. For now, to those who wish to join the program, we encourage you to read the information below, and also follow us on our social media to ensure you stay as up to date as possible!

1. Are we still accepting applications to join the sea cadet program?

A: Yes we are! All you have to do is apply through the following link:

Once you apply through there, we will forward you with some more documents to fill out!

Just go through the steps on the website under the "submit an application" box!