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Staff Cadet - CTC & CAP

Staff Cadet–CTC & CAP Ranging between one and seven weeks, staff cadets are the Non-Commissioned Officers of the Summer CAP sites and CTCs. A staff cadet can assist the officer staff with the instruction and supervision of cadets or may be tasked in an administrative or logistical support role. Rank and pay for staff cadets depend upon the position; this is usually determined during a pre-course training and evaluation period.


Staff Cadet -IT-SMC OJT

As an IT-SMC Staff Cadet you will receive on-the-job training to assist the summer Cadet training program with information technology needs.


Additional Prerequisites:

a. Cadet must be 16 years of age prior to serial start date

b. Cadet must have an interest in information technology

Staff Cadet -National Cadet Advisory Council(NCAC)

An in-person opportunity hosted by the Commander Cadets and Junior CanadianRangers (CJCR) over a six-weektraining period. This working group will provide the opportunity for the Commander and senior staff at the headquarters to engage directly with a group of senior cadets from across the country on a variety of cadet program related topics.


Additional Prerequisites:

1. Cadet must be 16 years of age prior to serial start date.

2. Priority may be given to cadets who are bilingual in both official languages.

3. Cadets applying for the NCAC must submit the following documents in support of their application:

a. A Letter of introduction from their Corps/Sqn CO (Commanding Officer); and

b. A Letter of interest from the cadets applying, reflecting their cadet training experience, leadership experience and confirm their language proficiency in both official languages.Include the cadet’s contact information and submit letter to before24 Feb 2023.

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