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Summer Digital Learning Courses

The Digital Learning Center courses are conducted virtually using Cadets365and enable the cadet to participate in summer training from their local area or home. Cadets will need at a minimum a reliable internet connection and a laptop/tablet device capable of virtual meetings or assignments.


Cadet Administration and Supply Assistant(CASA)

Cadet Correspondent

Cadet Cyber Training Course

The aim of this two-week course is to develop a specialist with the skills and subject matter knowledge required to beanadministrative and supply assistant at the Corps, during regionally directed activities,and/or as a staff cadet at a CAP/CTC. The aim of thiscourse will be accomplished by providing dynamic and challenging training that includes opportunity for practical application. The cadets willlearnthe theoreticaland technical skills required to assist the Corps Administration and Supply Officers.

The Cadet Correspondent courseis a 5-session course where the cadets learn the basics of supporting Public Affairs. The modules include how to effectively use social media, take a great photo, and become a storyteller of the corps/squadron. The cadet will need a device to capture imagery for use during the course.

The Cadet Cyber Training Coursewill be conducted over the course of 2 weeks. Cadets will be immersed into the work of Cyber Security, learning,and securing multi-platform operating systems (Windowsand Ubuntu) and interact with CAF/COATS Cyber Educators. Training provided will help cadets develop the Cyber Defence skills required to compete in an online competition with other groups from across the world at the end of the course. Successful participants will acquire the skill set to lead and support cadets in virtual and cyber activities within the CCO.

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